martedì 8 maggio 2012

Teen Trash #12 - The Fiends LP (Music Maniac, 199?)

The Fiends
1 no more
2 zombies (have feelings too)
3 lies
4 get yourself home
5 my ghoul fiend
6 come see me
7 burn out
8 don't crowd me
9 stormy
10 waiting for you
11 blow your mind
12 find my way back
13 take off

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caveman78 ha detto...

Christophe ha detto...

I don't know where to send you a message so I'll jsut leave a comment here.
Absolutely great blog for an '80s garage freak like me.
Check out my blog that I think you would like a lot. Tons of interviews of '80s/'90s garage bands from zines of the same era:

Thundar Barbarian ha detto...

Hi there caveman! I'm lookin for two comps that the Brood were on. One being 99th floor #7 and the other apparently called crawling from within. any chance you have either of those? Thanks in advance! Stay sick!

nose ha detto...

gracias, enserio disfruto mucho estos recopilatorios

Maddie ha detto...

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